Promotion Services

Getting your book in print and published is just a first step to success; your book needs to be promoted. You can choose any of the following services that we offer to authors, publishers and self-publishers.

Web page- – A web site or just a simple web page for your book, makes a great deal of sense. It can be a free page on or a full-fledged dynamic site with all the top end bells and whistles. We work to your budget.

Social Media - – Create an online tribe around your book using social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

Press Release - - When you book is published; the public ought to know about it. We create press releases and circulate them to distribution agencies worldwide or your countries of interest.

Book Review- – Get your book professionally reviewed and distributed to publishers worldwide or your countries of interest.

Book Presentation- – Do you want to organize a formal launch and book signing event? We will assist you do this from start to finish.

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