Self-publishing Services

Sometimes, looking for a publisher may not be your best option, especially if the long wait could cause your book to become obsolete. You may also want to take complete control of the destiny and the profitability of your book. If you are willing to put in effort into promoting and selling your book, do look at the self-publishing option. You can choose any of the following services that we offer to self-publishers:

Editing : A book full of spelling and grammatical errors will destroy your image as an author. Our editors will correct your manuscript or suggest revisions.
Design: A poorly designed book is an immediate turn off. We will do your cover design , as well as page design and illustration, and get your book ready for press.

ISBN: W e will assist you get an ISBN number, without which your book is not visible. We will place your book with Bowker ready to be accessed by distributors worldwide

Printing : You do not need to compete with the big name printers with your printing budget. We can assist you to print just as many books as you initially want. Print only 50 copies if you like. Print more later, when you are sure of your market.
E-publishing – We will format your book into forms which can be sold on online e-publishing platforms such as Nook, Kindle and similar,

Mobile Apps – If you have a small book we can make it available for reading on mobile phone devices : Java enabled phones, Blackberry, iPhone, Android etc.

Writing! - You may have this great book idea, and either you don’t just have the time or the writing skill to put it together , we can help out. Get your biography, corporate publications, professional books etc written by experts.

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